Basic Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing and More!

Welcome to the Forge!

"Where we work to help a new generation of bladesmiths/ blacksmiths to forge their own path. "

As a new desire to turn back to a simpler more self-sustained way of life emerges in our society, people have begun to look back to the original ways of making things.  Heather's Heart Forge and The Blacksmiths Wife are here to teach you how!

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The Blacksmith's Wife Gifts

Made in conjunction with HHFORGE, the Blacksmith's Wife began to research the benefits of activated charcoal on the skin. Great at pulling impurities out of the skin, brightening, and removing toxins it is a great way to pamper yourself. However, that is not all! We also provide a meriad of different classes on how to express yourself through different medias of art. Call today!

  • Clinkers Soap

    Clinkers are the impurities that burn out of the coal when using a coal forge. Just like its name sake, Clinkers soap helps to pull impurities out of the skin. Made with activated charcoal, with coconut/ orchid essential oil with an olive oil base. This soap helps to detoxify while nourishing your skin.

  • Woven and Knit Products and Classes

    In the Basic Weaving Class, I will teach you the basics of weaving, planning for your design, and

    In the Viking Knit Class, you will learn about the history of viking knitting, different wire guages, and how to manipulate the wire to make a necklace or bracelet.

    In the Lucet Class, you will learn how to use a lucet and the different types of cording you can make with them.

  • Paint and Sip Classes

    A fun way to spend a day! I will come to you and have all needed materials for you to make your masterpiece. You choose the subject mater for the painting for your event and I will make a large piece for everyone to see then instruct on how to paint the end piece. * I do not provide the beverages.

  • Spinning Fiber Classes

    In this class you will learn how to make your very own drop spindle, and the techniques behind spinning so as to be able to draw out your own yarn. You will also learn about plying yarn, using a knitty knotty, how to set your twist, and dying using natural ingredients.

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